Please read the following notes before you contact me


For interviews, publications and media appearances

Thank you for being interested in my work. I often get requests from journalists wanting to explore the intersections of race, gender and faith which I contribute to where I can. Please consider a few things before contacting me:

  • Due to time restraints and growing requests, I will not be able to respond to everyone
  • If your event or interview is scheduled for less than 7 days away I will likely not be able to attend
  • I appreciate that not everyone may have a budget, but I am unavailable for unpaid consultancy or ‘a quick chat’ on the phone
  • Expenses are a minimum requirement for me to be able to attend any event
  • I offer my work pro bono to some individuals or organisations who could not otherwise afford them. The payments of those who can afford it make this possible
  • I am willing to negotiate if a project resonates with my passions and is for the benefit of my communities
For researchers and students

Thank you for your interest. I get many requests from researchers and students to contribute to valuable research or could provide insight into methodology or recruiting participants. Unfortunately I cannot help with all research requests and I will only do some chosen projects for free. I would like you to be aware of a few things before getting in touch:

  • Please have some familiarity with my work and my background before getting in touch, I am more than just my gender and religion
  • Consider what is it in it for me and other participants, what happens with the personal information we share, what happens to the study next
  • On that note, I do not respond to undergraduate projects
  • It is likely that I offer my work to those who offer acknowledgement of my time and effort in the forms of payment or skill-swapping for example
  • It is likely that I will respond to projects that are by and for the communities I am a part of

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