It is only five days after the International Trans Day of Remembrance. We acknowledge the trans women of colour community have been hit the hardest, again. We spoke out against racism, against being silenced.

It is only two days after we have all commemorated our dead, the trans victims, survivors and fighters at the Brighton memorial service. We know we are still fighting racism. We wept and we applauded. We refused to be silent.

It is only one day after the verdict on Darren Wilson. A white police officer walks free for murdering Michael Brown. He killed a black teenager with his hands up. And we all finally see what being black in America is really like, with the truth about racist police violence. No protection. No justice.

Today, it is quiet in Brighton. The trans community I saw come together on Sunday are silent. The only time we take a stand for people of colour is when they are part of our fallen trans family. One day of the year I hear you. But it is silent now.

The silence is condoning.

No protection.

No justice.

Learn about Ferguson. Learn about the racialised history of America. Speak the truth. Understand oppression and racism. Fear. Understand the pain. Heartache. Understand the anger. Disbelief. Speak the truth. Don’t be afraid to be unpopular. Don’t give up. Speak the truth. Black lives matter.